If you’re a Story Circles or ABT Framework Course graduate


A way to maintain Narrative Fitness

A WORKING CIRCLE is: One person (the HOST) seeking 3-4 graduates of either Story Circles or the new ABT Framework Course to spend a half hour working with them on strengthening the narrative of a project. The host will provide a draft ABT of the project (and possibly more supporting materials). It will just be a half hour of discussion guided by the host.


IT’S ABOUT FORM, NOT CONTENT: Don’t know anything about fisheries in Bhutan? No problem. Your expertise isn’t needed with the CONTENT — that’s what the host already has down. You’re needed in helping to shape the FORM using the ABT Framework tools.


WHAT WE’D LOVE FOR YOU TO DO … is first, take part in a circle. It’s only a half hour commitment, just a one shot event. Probably best if you take part in one first, before running your own.


HOW TO JOIN A WORKING CIRCLE: 1) Join the Google Group established for graduates of the ABT Framework Course or Story Circles by emailing Liz Foote (liz@storycirclestraining.com), or Matthew David (mattmdavid@gmail.com), 2) check out the available circles, 3) if the group isn’t full, add your name using the REPLY feature or by emailing Matthew David (mattmdavid@gmail.com).