Working Circles

If you’re a Story Circles or ABT Framework Course graduate


A way to maintain Narrative Fitness

A WORKING CIRCLE is: One person (the HOST) seeking 3-4 graduates of either Story Circles or the new ABT Framework Course to spend a half hour working with them on strengthening the narrative of a project. The host will provide a draft ABT of the project (and possibly more supporting materials). It will just be a half hour of discussion guided by the host.


IT’S ABOUT FORM, NOT CONTENT: Don’t know anything about fisheries in Bhutan? No problem. Your expertise isn’t needed with the CONTENT — that’s what the host already has down. You’re needed in helping to shape the FORM using the ABT Framework tools.


WHAT WE’D LOVE FOR YOU TO DO … is first, take part in a circle. It’s only a half hour commitment, just a one shot event. Probably best if you take part in one first, before running your own.


HOW TO JOIN A WORKING CIRCLE: 1) Join the Google Group established for graduates of the ABT Framework Course or Story Circles by emailing Liz Foote (, or Matthew David (, 2) check out the available circles, 3) if the group isn’t full, add your name using the REPLY feature or by emailing Matthew David (

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