The cost of this course is $400 total which covers all ten sessions. It will take place every Tuesday and Thursday at 1 pm PDT from June 15th through July 15th.

Before paying, we need you to provide:

1) CONTACT INFO –  enter into the form below.


You must enter a one sentence ABT (And, But, Therefore) in the form below.  It can be for anything you want, but probably best and most productive if it’s a project you’re involved with, like a grant proposal, scientific paper, company project, marketing campaign, etc.  This will be the ABT that will be shared with the class on the day you are selected to be one of the 3 ABT’s that Dr. Olson will work with in the ABT Build part of the session.  We’ll notify you at least a day before your session to confirm you’ll be present for it

To get a clear idea of how the ABT Build exercise works, take a look at this blogpost about an ABT Build session  at a super-computing conference.  Listen to a bit of it and you’ll get a feel for how it works.   For more details you can read “The Narrative Gym.”

Please make sure it’s only one sentence (it can be lengthy) and for clarity, uses the three words:  AND, BUT, THEREFORE.

Also, don’t sweat it too much on writing this first ABT!  The whole purpose of the Build Session is to improve on what you’ve got.  There will be no destructive criticism — it’s all about using the ABT Framework to strengthen the narrative core of what you want to communicate.

3) PAYMENT – After submitting, you will be redirected to our payment site.