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      Randy Olson

      RANDY OLSON: SESSION 2.6: “The ABT in Entertainment”

      Our guest, Jason Ensler answered most of the questions to him during the session.

      Here’s his ABT analysis of the 1955 movie, “Diabolique.” It’s a great movie. You should watch it and see if you agree with his analysis.


      (also, DO NOT confuse it for the 1996 remake starring Sharon Stone which has a score of 18% on Rotten Tomatoes and she lost out in the Razzie Awards to Pamela Anderson for “Worst New Star”)


      DIABOLIQUE (broken down for ABT)

      A second-rate boarding school Paris is run by the tyrannical and cruel Michel. AND the school is owned by Michel’s wife, the fragile Christina. AND Michel has a mistress named Nicole, another teacher at the school. AND the two women have a close relationship based on their mutual hatred of Michel, who is physically and emotionally abusive to both.

      Nicole devises a plan to kill Michel. AND Christina helps her. AND they lure him to an apartment building and drown him in a bathtub. AND then they dump his body in a swimming pool which will make it look like an accident. AND the next morning they call the police.

      BUT when the cops show up, there’s NO BODY IN THE POOL.

      Nicole sees in the paper that the police have found the body, BUT when Christina goes to the morgue, it is not Michel’s body.

      Upon returning to the school the students claim to have seen Michel. Christina panics and confesses everything to a cop BUT he doesn’t believe her.

      That night, Christina hears noises and wanders round the school AND when she realizes that someone is following her, she runs back to her room. BUT she finds Michel’s corpse submerged in the bathtub, which is full of water. Michel rises from the tub, and Christina, who has a weak heart, has a heart attack and dies.

      Therefore Michel and Nicole’s plan worked. They set up Christina from the beginning. with Michel acting dead to scare Christina to death. Now they can be together.

      BUT the cop overhears them celebrating and they both get 40 years in prison.

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