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      Randy Olson


      FIRST OFF –  NEW FEATURE :  The Chat Log for the Session


      From here on we’ll post the chat log for the session along with my comments for that session, instead of waiting until the end as we did last round.  So here it is:  Download Chat.




      I was desperately hoping that someone from the Platinum Club would post the same critical point before I did.  Turned out Cara nailed it immediately.  Before I could even get started on the first one, she asked this.  Then 20 seconds later I made the same point.  Way to make us all look good, Cara!


      May 18, 2020     1:42 PM     from Cara Laasch to everyone: Who is the central character?  




      There weren’t a whole lot of questions — I think because it was the first session — but this question that Dean asked really stands out as one of the best questions ever.


      from Dean Pentcheff: Q. for Randy — for analyzing something like that anti-gun violence mission statement, is a useful first step to just reshuffle the A’s to the beginning, the B’s to the middle, and the T’s to the end? Or do you really have to start by boiling it all into soup and reconstituting?


      This was SUCH a good question because it gets to the divide between cerebral versus visceral.  In the beginning, you’re just learning this stuff by memory — memorizing the And, But, Therefore and the rules that go with it.  But as you get more comfortable with it, you begin to just feel it.  And that’s when you start developing the ability to take an entire project in, digest it, then as Dean says, “reconstitute” it.


      I love that word.  If you look at what I did with the gun group narrative, I did exactly that.  The first sentence (the blue text) was not in their text at all.  It’s just a set up line that I made up which embodies what they were saying, only more concisely.  Here’s the revised ABT again:


      The gun safety movement has spent years combatting gun violence AND has made some significant achievements, BUT the movement has ended up with a safe, centrist message that dampens enthusiasm among grassroots advocates and makes policy success less likely, THEREFORE OUR GROUP was formed in 2016 in the wake of the Pulse shooting to demand bold policies that move the country toward a future with fewer guns (and is now doing the following …)


      There weren’t a lot more questions in this first session, but I know there will be plenty in the sessions to come.


      In the meanwhile, just so the new folks know, here’s the names of the Platinum Club members (returning from Round 1) just so you can know if you see a question from one of them, it might be coming from a place of having a little more familiarity with things.


      Ellie, Dean, Evelyn, Jon, Julie, Albertha, 
      Sarah, Ed, Carolee, Linnea, Cara, Lianne, Chris 

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